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Champions 2022- Grand Final – Blackpool

proam January 10th,
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Champions 2022



Winter Gardens




On behalf of ProAm Champions and Blackpool Dance Festival we wish to thank all the officials, adjudicators, competitors, parents and spectators for attending

Champions of Tomorrow 2022

in the Winter Gardens Blackpool over the weekend of 7th – 9th January.

A special thanks to Mr Michael Williams and Ms Natalie Hayes for making the event covid secure and in compliance with the UK Government.



UK Solo ranking chart is now updated:
First Step: https://proamchampions.co.uk/pastevents/first-step-ranking/
Medial: https://proamchampions.co.uk/pastevents/medial-ranking/
Open: https://proamchampions.co.uk/pastevents/open-ranking/
To view the official photographs from the competition please visit:





ProAm Champions Team