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ProAm Champions – What is there for Me?



Whether you are a professional teacher, an amateur coach, a pupil of many years or someone just starting, ProAm Champions offers something for everyone. So that you can find your way around the event, we have detailed some dos and donts and explained what each section is.

To Start – you have seen the advertising, you know the date the venue, the times, but what should you do next?
Create an account on the Entries ProAm Champions website ( – this allows you to buy tickets and also enter all the competitions the company offers. You have to create an account here – it’s no good having one with say the DPA, you must create one here as well. It’s OK to have the same log in, but it must done through Entries ProAm Champions website.

Now, very important thing – please read the RULES! Everything you need to know before making an entry is there; black on white, in English 🙂 

Once you’ve done that you’re ready to enter the events – but what are they?

ProAm Events – These are competitions for a Professional Teacher dancing with an Amateur Student only. There are three dances to perform, selected from the hat from the five dances in each genre. Levels are created by using the names of precious stones – each level is detailed on the website, so you can see what’s what. Some are for registered amateurs, some are not. Some are restricted syllabus (ProAm Champions has its own syllabus which you can check out on the website: click here), some are open syllabus.

Teacher Student Events – These are for either a Professional Teacher or Amateur Coach dancing with their Amateur Student. Two dances are performed from a start number of three in each genre. Again, many different levels are available.
For both of the above, you compete in the age group of the student; in the Adult section you may compete also in one age group lower and for the Children section – that’s Junior and Juvenile – one age group higher.

UK Solos – This section is what is says on the tin, a section for the solo dancer. Divided into three categories it offers a stepping stone to a better performance. Aimed mainly at the children’s age group, the solo section comes with three levels: First Step – basically several steps from the Syllabus on the website (see Syllabus for details of each dance), Medial – anything from the Syllabus, and Open – the student can perform anything they like even at Juvenile level. Again, as in the other two sections, the competitor dances at their age group but may also dance one age group higher as well.  The only extra rule for UK Solos is that competitors may only compete at two levels – that’s First Steps and Medial OR Medial and Open if they wish. Of course, they can dance just one level. UK Solos offer a points chart enabling competitors to gain points in each section and the winners of each section are crowned champion for that year and receives special prizes.

If of course, we have not covered anything you are not sure about, then please ask (email us). We are here to offer you competitions for your school, for yourself, for your future. See you at the next ProAm Champions Event.